Redfall’s Update Disappoints Tiny Playerbase with Ongoing Lack of Promised Content


Redfall’s latest update has left its small player base disappointed due to the ongoing lack of promised content. The update, released by developer Arkane, introduces a new weapon, AI and mission changes, and various performance improvements. However, it also reveals that the highly anticipated Hero Pass, which offers additional heroes to play as, won’t be available until 2024.

Redfall initially struggled after its release earlier this year, receiving negative reviews and experiencing a dramatic drop in player numbers. Its average player count on Steam was a mere 305 in the first month, which has now dwindled to just 17 over the past 30 days.

Microsoft and Bethesda, the game’s publishers, pledged to continue working on it, but progress has been slow compared to other games like Remnant 2 and Starfield. Until now, only two updates had been released, and neither had a significant impact on gameplay.

The latest update primarily focuses on bug fixes and improvements. The highlight is the addition of the Basilisk, a sniper rifle that can petrify vampires with its UV-powered rounds. Other changes include improved NPC patrol pathing, better visibility of other players on the map, and performance optimizations to address FPS drops and stuttering. While these adjustments are welcomed by the remaining player base, there’s a sense that they are minor compared to the game’s larger issues.

One major source of frustration for players is the continuing absence of matchmaking. Despite being a cooperative four-player shooter, Redfall lacks a matchmaking feature, meaning players can only team up with their Steam friends or play solo. This design choice bewilders many, as games like Borderlands successfully combine solo gameplay with flexible matchmaking options. Speculation arises that the developers may be withholding matchmaking until they release new characters, but this strategy risks alienating players rather than building excitement.

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It’s worth noting that the number of unhappy players is limited given the game’s small player base. With only a handful of individuals still playing, there is a glimmer of hope among them that Bethesda’s commitment to improving Redfall may lead to a turnaround similar to Cyberpunk 2077. However, achieving such a transformation seems unlikely, considering that even at its lowest point, Cyberpunk maintained an average player count on Steam of 8,000.

Overall, while the latest update for Redfall brings some improvements, players are left disappointed by the ongoing absence of promised content and essential features like matchmaking. The developers’ commitment to future updates and the release of the Hero Pass in 2024 is little consolation for those who paid extra for the game’s deluxe edition or separate upgrades. With the diminishing player base, it remains uncertain if there will be enough interest in Redfall by the time substantial updates arrive.

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