OX Security Introduces ChatGPT Plugin for Enhancing AppSec


OX Security, a leading application security vendor, has released a new plugin for ChatGPT, the revolutionary generative AI assistant created by OpenAI. This new plugin, referred to as OX-GPT, promises to revolutionize how security teams analyze their software supply chain and quickly identify and fix any potential issues.

OX-GPT works by linking OX’s OSCR Framework to ChatGPT’s deep learning capabilities. This improved method of data analysis will enable security teams to gain insights into code vulnerabilities and develop customized security recommendations rapidly and accurately. It also allows developers to gain a better understanding of the exact issue that requires a remediation action and how the code in question can be exploited by hackers.

In addition, OX-GPT is doubling down on its focus on keeping buyers safe with features that empower developers to have greater control over their security. By providing users with easy-to-understand explanations as to why a particular code fix is necessary, developers can be confident that they are taking the right security measures for their application.

Avivah Litan, a distinguished VP analyst with Gartner Research, has commented on the potential of the OX-GPT plugin, noting that it can provide enormous potential for developers to quickly identify and address application security issues. However, she also cautioned potential users of the plugin that the technology is still heavily reliant on human expertise and understanding in order to properly utilize it.

OpenAI first announced its plugins feature in March and it became available to paying ChatGPT Plus subscribers this week. The company is continuing to expand on its goals to become an AI-powered customer service system by allowing its AI to interact with third-party datasets and features.

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The OX-GPT plugin is free for teams of up to 20 developers, and users can opt to pay for the plugin for larger teams. The plugin offers an innovative way to tackle security issues, in addition to providing users with an easy-to-use tool to stay informed and be proactive in their application security.

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