OpenAI’s Chatbot Receives Feedback of Laziness, Company Vows to Fix the Issue


Late Thursday, OpenAI acknowledged in a tweet that its advanced chatbot, GPT-4, is showing signs of laziness. Users have reported instances where the chatbot completes only a portion of the requested task and then prompts the user to finish it themselves. While the company claims that it has not updated the AI model since November 11th and assures that the laziness is unintentional, it admits that model behavior can be unpredictable. OpenAI is actively working on resolving this issue.

In a separate lengthy tweet, OpenAI delved into the intricacies of training chat models, highlighting the complexity involved. The company stated that even with the same datasets, different training runs can lead to models with varying personalities, writing styles, refusal behaviors, evaluation performances, and even political biases. OpenAI emphasized that it conducts extensive testing before releasing any new model and expressed gratitude for the feedback it receives, as it helps them address the evolving challenges of model evaluation.

This development comes in the wake of recent turmoil at OpenAI, including the removal and subsequent reinstatement of CEO Sam Altman. Despite this internal upheaval, the company remains committed to enhancing the functionality and reliability of its AI models.

As OpenAI responds to reports of GPT-4’s laziness, it highlights the intricate nature of training chat models and the challenges of ensuring consistent performance. The company acknowledges the significance of user feedback in navigating such complex evaluation problems. OpenAI’s commitment to addressing these concerns reinforces its dedication to delivering cutting-edge AI technologies.

While OpenAI works on resolving the issue, users can expect improvements aimed at ensuring GPT-4 functions optimally and consistently. OpenAI emphasizes that training powerful AI models goes beyond a standardized industrial process and acknowledges the impact of various factors on model behavior.

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As OpenAI continues its research and development journey in AI technology, the company’s dedication to transparency, user feedback, and model enhancements remains at the forefront. With ongoing efforts to overcome challenges and deliver reliable AI models, OpenAI strives to provide innovative solutions that will benefit users around the world.

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