OpenAI’s Brockman: Exploring Possible Use Cases and the Next Step for Developers


OpenAI, founded in late 2015, is an artificial intelligence research laboratory best known for developing generative AI technology such as ChatGPT. Their president and co-founder, Greg Brockman, recently spoke at Microsoft Build and argued that sector-specific use cases, as well as developers taking advantage of pre-built models to create value, will be key to unlocking the potential of generative AI technology.

He highlighted the legal industry as an example, claiming that there is a lot of room for developers to add value in this sector, an idea that was followed up by Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott. At the same event, Scott urged developers to leverage copilots- conversational interfaces powered by AI- and applying them to various areas of the network. For instance, a Copilot application could be used to assist with tasks on social media.

As AI technology continues to improve, the focus will move towards specific industries such as CPG, manufacturing, transportation and health care, and developers specifically interested in solving problems. Generative AI models are tools for problem solving and Scott reminded developers that it is up to them to create experiences leveraging the tool.

Therefore, the next stage for generative AI will be industry-specific use cases, developers and software vendors leveraging pre-built models to add value and build experiences for a variety of industries. Undoubtedly, this will help to create more efficient systems and assist with common tasks in a variety of sectors.

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