OpenAI Ventures into Search Engine Market with ChatGPT Upgrade


OpenAI has revealed plans to introduce a search engine feature within its ChatGPT language model, potentially rivaling major players like Google in the AI-powered search market. The company aims to enhance ChatGPT’s functionality by enabling it to search the web for answers and provide detailed responses complete with source citations, similar to Google Search.

With the rise in demand for advanced chatbot capabilities, it comes as no surprise that OpenAI is looking to expand ChatGPT’s capabilities. Competitors like Perplexity have already made significant strides in this area, emphasizing accuracy and source authenticity in their AI-driven search engines. Google, too, is incorporating AI into its search experience, with plans to unveil Gemini AI models at an upcoming event.

While OpenAI has not confirmed these developments officially, industry experts believe that an official announcement may be imminent. Stay tuned for more updates on the potential launch of the ChatGPT search engine and how it could impact the AI search landscape.

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Aniket Patel
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