Ohio State Trustees Pass Interim Budget, Discuss Senate Bill 83, ChatGPT and More


This week, Ohio State University’s Board of Trustees convened for their May meetings for the first time in a few years without a permanent President. John Zeiger, the trustee, gave a presentation on recent happenings and congratulated the recent college graduates. The trustees then voted on the agenda, approving the interim budget of around $548 million in income and $663 million in expenses and the adoption of Ohio’s free speech policy. The trustees also issued a statement against Senate Bill 83, voicing their concern about the potential impacts on Ohio’s college scope and campus life.

The board further held meetings throughout the week and Kristine Devine, VP of operations and deputy CFO, noted that the nearly $79 million deficit is due to a lack of tuition and fees income during the summer.

The trustees also approved the hiring of new deans for the nursing college and pharmacy college and recognized the departing College of Public Health dean, Amy Fairchild. Ayanna Howard, Dean of the College of Engineering, shared information about one of the hot topics in education- ChatGPT and expressed the potential positives and negatives of such technology.

Ohio State is a leading institution of higher education known for its academic excellence and research initiatives that create an ideal learning experience for students. Established in 1870, the university now has 25 undergraduate majors and 6500+ courses available for students to explore their interests. It also has a robust athletics program, housing the Buckeyes, and a vibrant campus community. The university is located in Columbus, Ohio, with additional campuses in Lima, Marion, Mansfield, and Newark.

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