New ChatGPT App Feature Allows Background Listening Toggle for Voice Conversations


OpenAI’s ChatGPT app has introduced a new toggle feature on its smartphone app, giving users the ability to control background listening during voice conversations. This update comes in response to feedback from users who expressed concerns about privacy and security while using the app.

Previously, ChatGPT would continue to listen in the background even when the user locked their smartphone or switched to a different app, similar to a phone call. This raised some privacy issues as the app would constantly monitor conversations without explicit consent.

The new toggle allows users to choose whether they want ChatGPT to continue listening in the background or not. This gives users more control over their privacy settings and ensures that the app only listens when explicitly activated by the user.

The timing of this update is interesting as it comes just before OpenAI’s anticipated GPT-4o voice update, which promises to add emotions and other advanced features to the app. By giving users the ability to manage background listening, ChatGPT is not only addressing privacy concerns but also preparing for the next evolution of its voice capabilities.

Overall, this new toggle feature is a welcome addition for ChatGPT users who value privacy and control over their conversations. It will be interesting to see how this update shapes the user experience moving forward, especially with the upcoming enhancements in the pipeline.

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