Myntra Launches ChatGPT Feature: Industry’s First Move


Myntra, a fashion retailer, has launched its brand-new feature, ‘MyFashion GPT’. Aimed at providing shoppers with an enhanced and simpler browsing experience, this is an industry first. MyFashion GPT enables customers to find the desired fashion products simply by conversing with the informative platform. This is made possible by typing text in a manner resembling natural speech.

Shoppers are presented with up to six ensemble options, containing items from the various categories such as dresses, footwear, accessories, and cosmetics. For example, a customer can search for what they should wear to a wedding in Jaipur by simply typing that query. This will lead to them being shown options like sarees, salwars, and other fashionable items like lipsticks and footwear – all from Myntra’s massive collection of over 2.1 million style choices.

Myntra is one of the most successful online shopping platforms in India, operating since 2007. What makes it stand out from the competition is its massive selection of apparel, footwear and fashion accessories for men, women, and children. In addition, they offer exceptional services like expedited shipping, easy returns and so on. Myntra also runs various discount offers and promotional sales, thus providing customers with the best value for their money.

The founder of Myntra, Mukesh Bansal, is an innovative business leader. His intellect and strategic vision propelled Myntra’s exponential growth in India, making it one of the largest online fashion stores in the country. With the launch of MyFashion GPT, Bansal has yet again revolutionized the online shopping experience, taking it to a whole new level.

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