Minister Urges Media to Expose Fake Narratives Against Bharat, Protect National Unity, India


Minister Urges Media to Expose False Narratives Against Bharat, Safeguard National Unity

New Delhi: In a bid to protect the unity and integrity of the nation, Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur called upon the media to counter and expose fake propaganda surrounding ‘Bharat’. Addressing an event organized by the Press Council of India (PCI) on National Press Day, Thakur emphasized the responsibility of the media in upholding the truth and safeguarding national interests.

Thakur acknowledged the presence of individuals and media outlets that consistently spread false narratives against Bharat, both domestically and internationally. He stressed the collective responsibility to challenge these narratives and ensure that truth prevails. In an era of rapidly evolving technology and the widespread dissemination of misinformation, Thakur urged the media to exercise caution and adopt a discerning approach.

The Minister expressed the government’s encouragement for the media to refrain from sensationalism and avoid narratives that could harm society. He reiterated the importance of the media serving as a responsible pillar of democracy, not only through exposing fake narratives but also by promoting unity and integrity.

With Bharat on track to become the world’s third-largest economy in the near future, Thakur called upon the media to play a constructive role in highlighting India’s transformation, as well as representing the aspirations of its diverse population. The Minister emphasized that the media’s increased engagement would facilitate the depiction of the hopes and perspectives of billions across the nation.

In conclusion, Thakur highlighted the need to combat false narratives, protect national unity, and avoid providing a platform for anti-India views. By adhering to these principles, he expressed his optimism that the media’s constructive role in society would be further strengthened.

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