Microsoft Shutters Airsim and Bonsai, Ending Industrial Metaverse Projects


Microsoft has made the decision to shut down its Airsim and Bonsai projects, marking the end of its industrial metaverse initiatives. Airsim, which aimed to use AI-based drone simulation software, and Bonsai, focused on building autonomous systems using AI, were part of Microsoft’s vision for the industrial metaverse. The move comes as Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Scott, shifts his focus to AI following the company’s partnership with OpenAI. This is not the first time Microsoft has scaled back its industrial metaverse endeavors, as the company previously laid off a team of 100 people in February. Microsoft plans to continue investing in its Azure computing platform and various AI projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to the Above News

What are Airsim and Bonsai projects?

Airsim is an AI-based drone simulation software developed by Microsoft, while Bonsai focuses on building autonomous systems using AI.

Why has Microsoft decided to shut down Airsim and Bonsai?

Microsoft has made the decision to end these projects as part of their industrial metaverse initiatives. The specific reasons behind this decision have not been stated.

Who is Kevin Scott and how is he involved in this development?

Kevin Scott is the Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft. He has shifted his focus to AI following the company's partnership with OpenAI, which may have played a role in the decision to shut down Airsim and Bonsai.

Has Microsoft made similar decisions in the past regarding its industrial metaverse initiatives?

Yes, Microsoft previously laid off a team of 100 people in February, indicating a scaling back of their efforts in this area.

What will be the company's future focus now that Airsim and Bonsai are being shut down?

Microsoft plans to continue investing in its Azure computing platform and various AI projects, suggesting a shift in focus towards these areas.

Will Microsoft abandon all its industrial metaverse initiatives?

While the shutdown of Airsim and Bonsai indicates a scaling back of Microsoft's industrial metaverse efforts, it does not necessarily mean the complete abandonment of such initiatives. The company may explore different approaches or projects in the future.

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