Meta Unveils Revolutionary AI Projects: Create Videos from Text and Customize Images in-stream


Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has unveiled two groundbreaking AI projects that have the potential to revolutionize content creation. These projects, based on Meta’s Emu AI research project, aim to allow users to generate videos from text prompts and make custom edits to images in real-time.

The first project, called Emu Video, enables users to create short video clips based on simple text or still image inputs. Meta has developed a unified architecture for video generation tasks that can respond to various inputs, including text and images. This approach splits the process into two steps: generating images conditioned on a text prompt, and then generating videos based on both the text and the generated image. The result is high-quality, four-second videos running at 16 frames per second, surpassing Meta’s previous text-to-video creation process. Human evaluations have shown that the videos generated by Emu Video are strongly preferred over previous work in terms of quality and faithfulness to the text prompt.

The second project, Emu Edit, focuses on facilitating custom edits within visuals. What sets this project apart is its ability to work based on conversational prompts. Users no longer need to manually highlight specific elements within an image for editing; instead, they can simply ask the system to edit a specific element, and it will understand what part of the visual needs to be modified. This feature streamlines the process of editing AI visuals and allows for more personalized variations to be created according to specific needs.

Both projects have immense potential for creators and brands by leveraging the capabilities of generative AI in innovative ways. While Meta has not provided a specific timeline for the release of these tools in its apps, their imminent arrival promises new creative opportunities across various industries.

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In conclusion, Meta’s unveiling of the Emu Video and Emu Edit projects signifies a major advancement in AI technology. These projects offer users the ability to generate video content from text prompts and make customized edits to visuals. With further development, these tools have the potential to reshape content creation for social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The possibilities are vast, and these projects open doors for enhanced creativity and engagement.

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