Measuring Americans’ Knowledge and Perceptions of AI Technology with Krista Software


Americans are gradually becoming aware of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, but their understanding of its functions varies depending on factors such as age and job position. This is evidenced by the findings of Krista Software’s 2023 AI Trust survey looking into the public’s knowledge, sentiments, and trust of AI.

The survey discovered that 58 percent of respondents acknowledged AI’s existence, with Gen Z (61 percent) and Millennials (56 percent) feeling more confident in their understanding compared to only 24 percent of older generations. Additionally, 54 percent of Americans believe AI will affect their jobs, with management professionals believing it can have a positive outcome, although rank-and-file workers remain less optimistic.

When asked about their feelings of AI, the majority (36 percent) described their overall attitude towards AI as ‘neutral.’ 32 percent stabilized a ‘slightly positive’ stance towards AI, giving a hint that people are open to AI technologies for specific tasks.

John Michelsen, CEO and co-founder of Krista Software, noted the importance of increased public awareness and transparency in that how AI functions in order to build more trust among the people affected by its adoption. Business leaders have a responsibility to ensure the successful integration of AI on both a personal and professional level.

Krista Software, located in California, specializes in the development of AI algorithms and services. It offers various AI-based solutions such as language translation, natural language processing, facial recognition and machine learning. Founded in 2018, the company has since developed a suite of products and services in order to provide a comprehensive AI integrations package to businesses, enabling them to take full advantage of the potential of AI.

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John Michelsen is the CEO and founder of this AI integration company. He has an extensive background in computer science and AI technology, and has been involved in several projects focused around the development of new AI systems and the implementation of new technologies into existing systems. He has a deep understanding of the potential of AI and has contributed to several publications on the subject.

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