Marking OpenAI Generated Content with Watermark


Microsoft has just announced watermarks to be included in all AI-generated content to help provide a clear distinction between machine-generated and human-generated content. This watermark will not only be used for Microsoft products, but also be made available to developers. Kevin Scott, Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer, spoke about the ‘media provenance’ tools that would be offered to users so that they can distinguish between the two types of content. This will be implemented in the premium version of ChatGPT Plus from today, which has also been integrated with Bing search, allowing users to access up-to-date answers within the chatbot.

Microsoft is a multinational technology company, pioneering the development of computer software, consumer electronics, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. A leading innovator in the technological world, the company is comprised of a diverse array of teams working together to create revolutionary, life-changing products and services.

Kevin Scott is the Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft, responsible for working with the research and product teams to build Microsoft’s technology vision. He has held various technical and executive-level positions within Microsoft and has experience in leading teams in researching, developing, and deploying various innovative technologies. Scott has become an advocate for AI-driven services, and believes that these watermarks are essential in ensuring transparency in the consumer’s usage of content.

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