LiquidText Partners with ChatGPT and OpenAI Technologies


LiquidText, the award-winning reading, note-taking, and document analysis platform, has recently announced its integration with ChatGPT and OpenAI tools, allowing users to easily ask questions about their documents and get answers automatically, along with creating reference citations. The addition of ChatGPT enables LiquidText to offer an answer to users when they ask questions about any or all of their project documents. OpenAI’s semantic analysis tools allow users to type in a sentence and LiquidText will suggest a citation, and then link to the parts of the documents referred to.

This integration, explained by Craig Tashman, PhD and Founder and CEO of LiquidText, is designed to help make users work smarter and more efficiently as they read and analyze large documents. It includes a feature that allows people to disable the AI tools if there is a concern for data privacy, as the company is committed to treating data confidentially and securely.

The features are available to LiquidText Subscribers on a pay-as-you-go credit basis, according to OpenAI’s fee structure, which means users pay for only the AI resources they use. Tashman further added that although there is a risk of unexpected results due to the large language model technology, the team at LiquidText has taken the necessary steps to ensure the results are accurate and secure.

The latest features are available as a beta edition only for LiquidText iPad users. The Windows version will be available once the beta release is complete. The company has had more than five million downloads, and it was named as one of the “Most Innovative iPad Apps of the Year” by Apple.

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LiquidText’s unique productivity app enables users to capture notes, highlights, annotations, and observations, just like they would do on paper. Contextual links and hyperlinks are created to help users easily make connections between different documents and even between parts of the same document. It offers a unified workspace with integrated workflows and a user-friendly interface.

Itamar Kandel, Chief Executive Officer at, is a close associate of LiquidText. Jim Kaskade, CEO at Conversica, is also a key collaborator. Together, they have made it their mission to help users work smarter every day.

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