KPMG and Google Cloud Join Forces to Accelerate Generative AI Adoption Among Enterprises


Google Cloud and KPMG have announced an expanded collaboration to provide businesses with the necessary tools and expertise to benefit from the technology of generative AI. As businesses seek digital transformation and innovation, this alliance aims to assist in integrating these AI technologies into their operations. Together, KPMG and Google Cloud have the expertise needed to enable enterprises to take advantage of Google Cloud’s infrastructure and generative AI initiatives.

KPMG is a professional services firm that offers international business insights gained from their work with various corporates. The company is dedicated to understanding complex business challenges and providing custom solutions that help businesses succeed in the long-run. Their expertise includes cloud computing, data analytics, responsible AI and much more.

Google Cloud is a leading cloud computing organization and their focus is on practical, real-world solutions that are enabled by generative AI. They offer next-generation infrastructure and cutting-edge AI capabilities, such as Vertex AI app builder, LLMs and other tools.

The announcement of the partnership has already prompted the demand of AI and cloud services to grow further. KPMG plans to use this venture to rapidly train a new team of Google Cloud experts and build a catalog of successful implementations of generative AI in various industries.

Through this alliance, KPMG and Google Cloud seek to revolutionize the processes of existing businesses by streamlining data-driven decision-making with the help of AI capabilities. Initially, the collaboration will focus on the financial services, healthcare and retail industries to provide value-oriented services.

The firms plan to continue to monitor the impact of their services on the existing models to increase the use of generative AI. Along with this, KPMG also stresses the priority of trust and has secured a robust AI security and responsible frameworks for their clients.

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Essentially, KPMG and Google Cloud are enabling businesses to seamlessly transition to Cloud infrastructure and the scope of their generative AI capabilities. This would provide businesses with the necessary risk and governance controls and ensure the responsible use of such technology.

The expansion of their alliance seeks to revolutionize the way businesses are done and provide quick-adaptive solutions in the face of a changing industry landscape. The intent is to help businesses achieve their objectives, creating shift towards a data-driven future.

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