Jordan Peterson Debates ChatGPT – A Look Inside the LRC Blog


In a recent conversation between Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson and AI expert Brian Roemmele, the two discussed the implications of the exploding ChatGPT technology and its potential for radically changing the human living and working worlds.

At the core, the two discussed the implications of the technology on individual personal growth, asking: is there a way AI could protect our freedoms or are we going to be handed a dystopian future? While both conceded that it is up to us to ultimately decide, they provided clear insight into the level of analysis ChatGPT could provide and the user illusion it creates.

To further the dialogue, Roemmele discussed topics such as the encoding of Peterson as an AI, the library of Alexandria, Bitcoin as a form of communication, and even the possibility of trafficking and enslavement by benevolent data brokers. In Peterson’s conclusion, he ponders the question of whether we’re headed towards a dystopian future, with the two ultimately deciding that humanity is in control and will decide our own fate.

In regards to the company, Brian Roemmele is the founder and president of the payment technology consulting firm Door, currently supported by Apple. With a vast array of projects and awards, Roemmele is an active voice in the payment technology sector, constantly looking for ways to increase technological adoption and integration.

Jordan Peterson is a professor in psychology at the University of Toronto and author of the best-selling book Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief. With a growing fanbase of over 100 million followers from all corners of the globe, Peterson is dedicated to providing real-life solutions to ordinary problems, challenging people to think of the world in a different way.

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