Introducing Varilux XR Series™: Essilor® unveils revolutionary eye-responsive lens powered by AI, India


Essilor India has unveiled the Varilux XR Series, a revolutionary eye-responsive lens powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This groundbreaking lens is designed to transform the visual experience of millions of people. EssilorLuxottica’s scientists combined AI with their extensive knowledge of consumer lifestyles to create the Varilux XR Series: their first eye-responsive progressive lens.

In today’s fast-paced world, our eyes are constantly processing visual information, with movements exceeding 100,000 times a day. To enhance their understanding of progressive addition lens wearers’ lifestyles and visual challenges, EssilorLuxottica researchers studied over 6,500 consumers. They collected more than 1 million data points to develop a breakthrough behavioral modeling system that predicts how individuals with these lenses will view objects around them.

Dr. Norbert Gorny, Co-chief Operating Officer at EssilorLuxottica, highlighted the power of artificial intelligence and its ability to analyze vast amounts of data. The insights gained from customer orders, real-life wearer tests, in-store measurements, and physiological models are exclusive to EssilorLuxottica. With digital twinning technology, a visual behavior profile for every prescription can be established, enabling the creation of the first eye-responsive lens that respects the natural behavior of the eye.

Mr. Narasimhan Narayanan, Country Head of EssilorLuxottica South Asia, expressed excitement about the launch of the Varilux XR Series. By harnessing the power of behavioral intelligence and studying more than one million data points, they have created a lens that meets the requirements of modern presbyopic consumers. The Varilux XR Series is equipped with XR-motion technology, enhancing binocular vision and providing instant clarity even in motion. To align with their commitment to sustainability, the lens is also designed to be environmentally friendly in its packaging.

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The Varilux XR Series offers Crizal technology, enhancing clarity and providing an invisible shield to protect the eyes and the lens. Compared to the Varilux X Series, wearers of the XR Series benefit from up to 49% more vision volume. Independent third-party tests revealed that 87% of consumers, mostly wearing premium progressive lenses, preferred the Varilux XR Series after trying them without any change in their prescription. Additionally, 95% of wearers adapted to their new lenses on the first day.

The new Varilux XR Series will be available in India’s leading optical stores, providing wearers with a superior visual experience. With its innovative use of AI and deep understanding of consumer lifestyles, Essilor India has positioned the Varilux XR Series as the lens of the future. This launch marks a significant milestone in eyecare, further solidifying Varilux’s position as a market leader in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to the Above News

What is the Varilux XR Series™?

The Varilux XR Series™ is a pioneering eye-responsive progressive lens developed by Essilor® India. It combines artificial intelligence (AI) and a deep understanding of consumer lifestyles to revolutionize the visual experience for wearers.

How was the Varilux XR Series™ developed?

The parent company of Essilor®, EssilorLuxottica, studied over 6,500 consumers and collected more than 1 million data points to develop a behavioral modeling system. By predicting how wearers look at objects around them, this lens respects the natural behavior of the eye and provides instant clarity and improved binocular vision.

What is the role of AI in the development of the Varilux XR Series™?

AI plays a crucial role in analyzing large volumes of data to gain valuable insights. EssilorLuxottica used digital twinning technology to create visual behavior profiles for each prescription, enabling the development of the first eye-responsive lens.

What are the benefits of the Varilux XR Series™?

The Varilux XR Series™ offers enhanced binocular vision and meets the changing visual needs of wearers through XR-motion technology. It also features Crizal® technology, providing increased clarity and acting as an invisible shield to protect eyes and lenses. As per independent tests, a majority of wearers preferred the Varilux XR Series™ over their previous lenses, with high adaptation rates on the first day.

Where can I find the Varilux XR Series™?

The Varilux XR Series™ will be available at leading optical stores in India.

Is the Varilux XR Series™ environmentally friendly?

Yes, the Varilux XR Series™ is designed to be environmentally friendly in both its design and packaging. EssilorLuxottica is committed to sustainability and aligns the lens with its environmental values.

Will the Varilux XR Series™ be available in different lens models?

Yes, the Varilux XR Series™ offers increased vision volume compared to previous lens models, making it suitable for users with different vision requirements.

How well has the Varilux XR Series™ been received by consumers?

In independent third-party tests, 87% of consumers preferred the Varilux XR Series™ over their previous lenses, with no change in their prescription. Additionally, 95% of wearers adapted to the new lenses on the first day.

Is the Varilux XR Series™ a market leader in the eyecare industry?

With its technological advancements and positive consumer feedback, the Varilux XR Series™ has the potential to become a market leader in the eyecare industry.

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