Introducing AI-Powered HelpHub With ChatGPT Integration for Any Product


CommandBar, a recently funded startup that raised $24 million in venture capital, has just announced its AI-powered product, HelpHub. This product is built on the company’s existing User Assistance Platform and currently serves over 10 million users across hundreds of customers. HelpHub allows companies to essentially create a personalized chatbot powered by natural language processing that would help their users communicate more effectively by using AI to guide key conversations.

James Evans, CEO of CommandBar, stated that their customers are adopting this technology with great enthusiasm and that it has evolved rapidly, empowering hack week projects and accurately responding to users’ queries. Prominent companies that are CommandBar customers include HashiCorp, Gusto, Freshworks, Netlify, Yotpo, and LaunchDarkly.

HelpHub allows a company to create a single source of truth for customized content, including help content, walkthroughs, marketing site, forums, and more. Its ultimate goal is to educate customers using personalized methods, making onboarding easier and freeing up time for support staff to work on complex cases.

The CEO of CommandBar believes that every software company will have its own personal AI chat experience in the near future, and the company is here to help any company speed up the process and start obtaining results, with the help of their expertise, customer insights, and large end-user reach.

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