Hiring the Right People for Navigating Technology Challenges


The stresses of technology are no secret. With budget pressures mounting on businesses of all sizes, it is critical to identify the right tools and the right people to maximize success. That’s why Freshworks President Dennis Woodside is an authority on the subject. With his expertise, he offers a unique insight into technology and business solutions.

Woodside emphasizes the need for AI, which will accelerate resolution times and free up agents to pursue better work. He also notes that companies need to prioritize the growth of customers by offering segmented, personalized solutions for a range of needs. Woodside believes that customers will be attracted to these innovative solutions that do not require large chunks of money or longterm investments. This mindset has been exhibited in the past by efficiency of cable companies and now, Woodside argues, AI offers a critical chance at growth.

When Woodside works with other business leaders, he looks for them to have a similar ambition to innovate. He looks for those willing to take risks and challenge conventional standards as G at Freshworks has done. By understanding what stands in the way of their success, Woodside argues, valuable solutions can be found.

In addition, Woodside puts stock in creating teams that will incline to look at the best outcome. When employees interview for leadership roles, Woodside wants them to have ambition and drive. With intellectual curiosity and a “hunger” for resolving customer problems, Woodside is most comfortable in creating successful teams.

Throughout his business career, Woodside considers a continued conversation with customers to be key to creating effective solutions. Ultimately, he believes success only happens when there is a “bet” made on both sides— customers make an investment and businesses fulfill their promises.

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Freshworks is a software and services provider that has its roots in customer service. With a full range of products, the company works to provide technology-driven solutions for customer support, sales, marketing and more. They strive to digitize communications into businesses in order to maximize satisfaction and simplify operations. The company believes innovations should enable quality service, faster resolution times, and improved customer relationships. With a strong commitment to their customers, Freshworks looks to continue offering the best software and services on the market.

Dennis Woodside, a technology and business veteran, is the President of Freshworks. He has had a storied career in the tech world, including working at Google, Motorola Mobility and Dropbox, and is now passionate about pushing Freshworks past the expectations of its founders. With a keen understanding of the the customer experience and a dedication to ambitious growth, Woodside is devoted to transforming the business and helping it adapt to new challenges. He leads with strong values, a focus on customer needs, and unwavering ambition.

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