Helping Students with ChatGPT: 3 Easy Ways


At universities, it is not uncommon for there to be a wave of concern about the use of ChatGPT. Students and educators alike often worry that the chatbot can lead to cheating and take away from the originality and academic thinking of its users. In order to challenge these preconceived assumptions, it is essential to learn how to use language models, such as ChatGPT, in a positive way.

ChatGPT can be thought of as an evolved and conversationally advanced version of a search engine. It can be used to answer personalised questions and receive grading feedback. What is more, it works tirelessly to provide students with guidance at their own pace. A chatbot such as ChatGPT has 1.5 billion parameters, which allows it to generate new ideas, alternative solutions, and brainstorming tools to enhance creativity. Given how Edward de Bono defined creativity as the generation of alternatives, ChatGPT can be used to explore new ideas and present users with a variety of perspectives.

The chatbot can also be used to ask provocative questions and analyse complex issues to challenge conventional thinking. By using ChatGPT to evaluate and assess financial decisions, for instance, users can hone their analytical, critical, and decision-making skills.

ChatGPT is an ever-evolving technology with the potential to revolutionise the ways in which students learn. By taking advantage of its unique capabilities, users can learn at their own pace, become more creative, and hone their analytical thinking.

ChatGPT is a language-modelling algorithm developed by ChatGPT, Inc. and is accessible through a paid subscription. The company was founded by Arif Sijari in May 2020 with the goal of enabling users to experience the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence. Through the development of natural language processing, ChatGPT aims to create technology that elevates people’s level of understanding and can ultimately become a powerful tool to help shape the future of learning.

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