Google Selects 20 Indian AI Startups for Mentorship Program


Google has selected 20 Indian artificial intelligence (AI) startups to participate in its accelerator program aimed at fostering innovative solutions within the country’s startup ecosystem. In July, Google extended an invitation to AI-first startups to join a mentorship program in India. The company received over 720 applications and has now chosen 20 firms to participate in the program. The selected startups cover various industries and include, which offers an AI-powered royalty-free background music creation platform for content creators. Another startup, ZuAI, has developed an AI-based app that acts as a self-study buddy for students. The aim of the program is to support the development and scaling of responsible and human-centered AI solutions that can positively impact industries and transform lives.

According to Farish CV, Program Manager at Google for Startups Accelerator India, In India, we are committed to fostering an environment that nurtures innovative startups and fuels the rapidly evolving AI landscape of the Indian startup ecosystem. Our goal is to enable the development and scaling of responsible and human-centered AI solutions that positively impact various industries and transform lives.

The selected startups, including and ZuAI, represent the promising potential of AI in India.’s AI-powered music creation platform offers content creators access to royalty-free background music, enhancing their creative process. On the other hand, ZuAI’s AI-based app serves as a self-study companion for students, providing personalized support to enhance their learning experience.

Google’s accelerator program aims to provide mentorship and resources to help these startups grow and achieve their goals. With India being a hotbed for tech startups, Google’s support and expertise will further catalyze the development and implementation of AI solutions within the country.

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The selection of these startups highlights Google’s commitment to fostering innovation, particularly in the AI field, and its dedication to supporting the growth of startups in India. By nurturing these AI-driven ventures, Google aims to contribute to the growth of the Indian startup ecosystem and create solutions that have a positive impact on various industries.

Through programs like the accelerator, Google continues to play a pivotal role in nurturing the startup ecosystem in India, empowering entrepreneurs and helping to shape the future of technology in the country. With their expertise and guidance, these selected startups have a significant opportunity to further develop their AI solutions and make a lasting impact on the Indian business landscape.

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