Google Bard’s Game-Changing Features Give It an Edge Over ChatGPT in India


Google Bard’s Game-Changing Features Give It an Edge Over ChatGPT in India

OpenAI’s ChatGPT became popular in India after its launch in November 2022. However, its rival Google Bard has now entered the Indian market, offering game-changing features that give it an edge over ChatGPT. Let’s take a look at how Google Bard has used its tools to its advantage:

1. Real-time internet access: Google Bard not only relies on its pre-defined datasets but also utilizes real-time internet access to provide up-to-date information from the web using Google Search. This feature is beneficial for research purposes and gathering information, something that ChatGPT lacks.

2. Voice command acceptance: Unlike ChatGPT, Google Bard can process voice commands. Users can enter prompts using their voice, thanks to the microphone option available. On the other hand, ChatGPT can only process and respond to text-based inputs. Although ChatGPT suggests using speech-to-text software or voice recognition tools, it lacks built-in voice command support.

3. Exporting responses: Google Bard allows users to export the AI chatbot’s responses to different platforms. Currently, users have two options: ‘Draft in Gmail’ and ‘Export to Docs.’ This feature is not available in ChatGPT, which requires users to manually copy and paste text.

4. Webpage summarization: Google Bard can provide a quick summary of long articles online. By entering the prompt summarize this website [insert URL], users can get a brief summary. ChatGPT, however, cannot access external websites or provide specific article summaries. It generates responses based on pre-existing knowledge up until September 2021.

Google Bard’s arrival in India has definitely posed a challenge for ChatGPT. With features like real-time internet access, voice command acceptance, exporting responses, and webpage summarization, Google Bard offers a more comprehensive and versatile experience. While ChatGPT gained popularity for its text-based capabilities, it now faces a tough competition from Google Bard’s robust toolset.

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In conclusion, Google Bard’s game-changing features have given it an edge over ChatGPT in India. With real-time internet access, voice command acceptance, response exporting, and webpage summarization, Google Bard offers enhanced functionalities and a more diverse user experience. As the battle between AI chatbots heats up, it will be interesting to see how ChatGPT evolves to keep up with its competitors.

Disclaimer: This article is generated by OpenAI’s language model.

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