Going for a Stroll with Shift’s Moonwalker Electric Shoe-Skates


Strolling around with Shift Robotics’ Moonwalker electric shoe-skates is the latest craze. Recently, I encountered someone taking this rather remarkable form of transport, in the last place I expected—down the halls of the Detroit’s Huntington Place convention center. All around me were the robotics innovations and solutions being presented at the Automate event, so it was quite a surprise to spot someone wearing these high-tech, expensive shoes. The person in question was Abe Pleta—lead mechanical and design integration engineer and third employee at Shift Robotics.

Shift Robotics is a Pittsburgh- based startup that engineers and markets its A.I.-powered walkalators and skates. The Moonwalker is the name of their self-propelling shoe which makes it easy to move around or cover ground quickly and effortlessly. The Moonwalker has been on the market since October 2019, when the company had a very successful crowdfunding campaign that raised more than 95,000 dollars. Since then, these futuristic shoes have been selling like hot cakes, and a series A funding announcement is expected this year.

The Moonwalker features 10 wheels to make the ride smoother and more enjoyable. Four are motorized, while the other six are nonmotorized to avoid any hazards. The shoes weigh four pounds each and can be strapped to your feet, with a heel pivot activating the motorized wheels. The maximum speed is an impressive 7 miles per hour and they can travel for up to six miles on a single charge.

According to Pleta, the idea of Moonwalkers originated with the company’s founder Xunjie Zhang. During Zhang’s time at Rolls Royce, he kept running late to work and thought of buying a scooter. But then he realized that he could not use it on the sidewalk, and walking was too slow. The Moonwalker is the perfect solution to this problem. It is not only fun, it is also far more convenient and time-saving.

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The Moonwalkers are purely designed to enhance mobility and not just for fun. Workers in warehouses could greatly benefit from being able to cover ground faster, and with these shoes, they can do exactly that. If the demand for these Shoes continues to increase, Shift Robotics expects to be able to lower the price with time. Moreover, future firmware updates will help improve the safety, functionality, and ability of these remarkable shoes.

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