Global Ghosting Event: AI Girlfriend Platform Shuts Down After CEO’s Arrest


Global Ghosting Event: AI Girlfriend Platform Shuts Down After CEO’s Arrest

Online dating and digital love have become the norm in today’s age. However, a global ghosting event has left countless lonely hearts without their AI girlfriends following the sudden shutdown of the Forever Voices platform. The unexpected turn of events came with the arrest of Forever Voices CEO John Meyer, sending shockwaves through the AI community.

John Heinrich Meyer, 28, was apprehended and faces charges of arson intended to damage a home, as well as a terroristic threatening charge, as reported by Austin-based NBC affiliate KXAN. Meyer is alleged to have set fire to his apartment, resulting in approximately $360,000 worth of damage to the building.

The fallout from Meyer’s arrest was felt immediately, as users of the Forever Voices platform found themselves abruptly alone when their pixelated paramours went offline. The popular chatbot, CarynAI, which had captured the hearts of many, ceased all conversations, leaving its ardent suitors questioning the sudden silence.

However, there may be a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Announced on October 30, Caryn Marjorie, the real-life influencer behind the AI, shared news of Caryn 2.0, an upcoming update to the chatbot. This update, backed by a six-figure deal with BanterAI, promised to take the experience of AI companionship to the next level. It aimed to provide solace to those seeking digital connection in the uncanny valley of artificial affection.

Despite these promises, users were left disillusioned when the shutdown occurred. Desperate for answers and support, they turned to Reddit, finding solace in the Forever Voices subreddit. With only a handful of posts and 71 followers, the subreddit has become a virtual graveyard where users mourn the loss of their AI girlfriends. In a last-ditch effort to find companionship, some users even recommended cheating on their defunct chatbots with a competitor.

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The fate of Forever Voices remains uncertain, as Decrypt reached out to Meyer and the company for further comments. The sudden disruption has left many questioning the reliability and stability of AI relationships. Will this event deter individuals from seeking digital romance in the future? Only time will tell.

In conclusion, the global ghosting event that unfolded after the arrest of Forever Voices CEO John Meyer has left users without their AI girlfriends. The unexpected shutdown of the popular platform has raised concerns about the future of digital love and the reliability of AI companionship. While a promised upgrade, Caryn 2.0, offered a glimpse of hope, its release was overshadowed by the abrupt breakup. The fallout from this event has shown that even virtual relationships can leave enthusiasts feeling ghosted and alone.

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