Gemini Ultra Outperforms OpenAI’s GPT-4 in AI Benchmark Battle


Google’s latest artificial intelligence model, Gemini, has been unveiled with claims of outperforming OpenAI’s GPT-4 on various benchmarks. However, a closer examination of the landscape reveals a more complex picture of technical capabilities, marketing strategies, and ongoing competition in the rapidly evolving AI field.

Gemini Ultra, the top AI model developed by Google, only marginally surpasses GPT-4 on standard benchmarks assessing high school physics and professional law. In fact, Gemini Ultra’s improvements seem narrow compared to tasks that OpenAI had already completed a year ago.

The video showcasing Gemini’s impressive abilities, such as tracking magic tricks and inferring drawings, turned out to be heavily edited and did not accurately reflect real-time performance. Access to the most powerful version, Gemini Ultra, remains limited at this time.

Additional testing showed that when Gemini Ultra was used in conjunction with ChatGPT’s GPT-4, the results were comparable to what Google presented in the video. However, when the same experiment was replicated in Bing Chat using Precise Mode and GPT-4, the results were subpar.

While it is challenging to predict how much better Gemini Ultra will be once released, it is clear that Google has placed significant emphasis on its vast resources and deployment network. This approach may overshadow the focus on Gemini’s actual capabilities.

If Gemini Ultra is launched in early January, as Google suggests, it may not maintain its position as the top model for long. OpenAI, being a more agile player, has had almost a year to work on its next AI model, GPT-5.

In summary, although Gemini shows promise, it is important to recognize the competitive capabilities of GPT-4. The AI field continues to evolve rapidly, and the ongoing race between Google and OpenAI fuels further advancements in artificial intelligence.

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