FPT Smart Cloud Wins Tech Award for Innovative AI Solutions, Vietnam


Vietnamese company FPT Smart Cloud has been awarded the prestigious ASOCIO Award for its innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. The award recognizes companies that effectively integrate technology into various aspects of life, contributing to the formation of a digital transformation ecosystem. FPT Smart Cloud was honored in the Start-up Award category alongside the largest tech companies from countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

The judging panel praised FPT Smart Cloud for its breakthrough technology products and services, which bring value to users and society. The company has developed an ecosystem of over 80 AI, cloud, and data solutions that solve various challenges, facilitate digital transformation, optimize costs, and enhance security. FPT Smart Cloud collaborates with over 3,000 enterprise customers in 15 countries, serving more than 200 million users monthly.

One of FPT Smart Cloud’s notable products, the VioEdu Online Education System (FPT IS), also received recognition in the EdTech Award category. VioEdu impressed the judging panel with its technological innovations, content quality, and overall growth. The platform has over 17 million users and 63 million students participating in knowledge-based activities, making it one of the leading EdTech platforms in Vietnam.

VioEdu utilizes advanced technologies such as AI, Adaptive Learning methods, and big data to automatically analyze strengths and weaknesses, provide customized learning roadmaps, optimize study time, and facilitate rapid student progress. The platform features over 10,000 animated lecture videos, 1 million high-quality learning materials aligned with the Ministry of Education and Training curriculum, and engaging gamifying activities.

This is not the first time FPT Smart Cloud has received recognition for its innovative solutions. The company has previously been honored by renowned awards such as the Stevie Awards and the International Business Awards. FPT Smart Cloud’s parent company, FPT, has also been recognized by ASOCIO in the past.

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The ASOCIO Awards are organized by the Asia-Oceania Computing Industry Organization and have been running since 2003. The judging panel consists of reputable IT experts from countries within the region. ASOCIO aims to promote and enhance the development of the computing industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

FPT Smart Cloud’s achievement highlights the growing presence of Vietnamese technology companies on the global stage. The company’s innovative AI solutions and commitment to enhancing digital transformation have earned them industry recognition and positioned them as leaders in the field. With their extensive range of products and services, FPT Smart Cloud continues to drive technological advancements and deliver value to users and society.

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