Florida Tourism Campaign Generates $67M Sales Lift with 363% ROI


AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc. and Miles Partnership recently joined forces to launch a cutting-edge predictive advertising campaign for VISIT FLORIDA. The primary objective of the campaign was to enhance visitation and boost sales in Florida while achieving a positive return on ad spend (RoAS). Leveraging AdTheorent’s advanced Destination Sales Lift 360 technology, the campaign delivered remarkable results, with a 363% increase in sales and a substantial $67 million in incremental in-market sales. The overall return on ad spend reached an impressive 513X.

AdTheorent utilized a diverse array of cross-device rich media display strategies, employing its state-of-the-art predictive advertising platform to drive targeted engagement. By developing custom machine learning models based on non-individualized data, AdTheorent effectively pinpointed and engaged prospects with the highest probability of visiting Florida and making purchases within the state. The innovative campaign specifically targeted travel intenders in key geographies, such as drive markets within 900 miles of the Florida border and competitive conquesting markets. Factors like ad position, publisher, geo-intelligence, user device attributes, location DMA, time of day, and connection signal were meticulously analyzed by AdTheorent’s predictive models to optimize audience targeting.

Real-time contextual signals were leveraged to identify consumers displaying travel intent or interest in alternative destinations, further refining the campaign’s targeting precision. Throughout the campaign, transaction-based data was actively used to fine-tune performance, while post-campaign analysis provided valuable insights into the impact on sales within the destination. VISIT FLORIDA’s President and CEO, Dana Young, expressed satisfaction with the partnership, highlighting the campaign’s success in driving incremental visitation and commercial activity in Florida.

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AdTheorent CEO James Lawson emphasized the platform’s ability to drive advanced business outcomes like incremental sales, attributing the success to the platform’s machine learning algorithms that optimize ad targeting based on vast amounts of data. The collaboration between AdTheorent and Miles Partnership not only generated significant revenue for VISIT FLORIDA and its partners but also showcased the power of predictive advertising in delivering tangible results.

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