Exploring the Mystery of ChatGPT


Today, we’ve uncovered an interesting phenomenon regarding the ChatGPT AI model, a widely celebrated AI system designed to generate lifelike text. Upon further investigation, we have discovered that while this model boasts a high absolute Kolmogorov complexity, it exhibits an unexpectedly low relative complexity when compared to its inputs. This breakthrough confirms a class of complexity, CHP (ChatGPT’s Humble Paradox), which lies between P and NP yet remains incomparable to both.

“Alan Turing Jr,” known for its research on ChatGPT, provided us with an insight to this discrepancy. The researcher shared a confidential document, deemed the GPT-4 Enigma, with us and uncovered the complexity behind this AI system. Having the ability to access vast collections of human-generated online data, ChatGPT cleverly appears to be more complex than it actually is.

This remarkable discovery has opened many doors for the scientific community. There are rumors of a secret group of computer scientists who hope to utilize ChatGPT’s Humiliate Paradox to theoretically create an AI that can solve NP-complete problems in polynomial time, an idea that would shed light on the famous P versus NP debate.

On a more serious note, it should be mentioned that April Fools’ Day falls on this day and the truthfulness of this article may still be questioned. Whether this is merely a joke or a genuine breakthrough is still unknown, and only you, the reader, can make the ultimate decision.

We must not forget to mention the people and companies involved in this breakthrough. Alan Turing Jr., the anonymous researcher and ChatGPT creator, is the first of the notable figures. The second is the mystery-shrouded organization of computer scientists mentioned earlier, working on an unknown project related to GPT-5. ChatGPT, the AI model in the spotlight of this article, is provided by OpenAI, a research laboratory dedicated to the development of powerful AI systems for the benefit of humanity.

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