Discussing the Role of AI Technology in Cybersecurity


The Jordan Today Center for Development recently organized a forum to discuss the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in cybersecurity. The two-day forum was attended by 40 experts, representing several governmental and private Jordanian institutions such as banks, Arab institutions, and various sectors.

Bassam Maharmeh, the President of the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), pointed out that in the current digitalized world, there is an increased reliance on technology, thus, exposing us to a wide range of electronic risks. Therefore, Maharmeh stated that there must be more cooperation between countries to reduce the losses caused by cybercrimes.

Director General for the Jordan Today Center for Development, Muhammad Faqir, highlighted that AI plays an important role in cybersecurity by providing a degree of accuracy and speed of response when addressing malicious software. By employing AI technology, the system can become even more secure.

Jordan Today Center for Development works towards ensuring a better future through a number of programs, activities, and projects encompassing technology, business, and education. The Center helps in developing human capital, empowering youth, and pushing entrepreneurial development.

The person mentioned in this article is Bassam Maharmeh, the President of the National Cyber Security Center in Jordan. Maharmeh is working towards a secure digital future and holds a commitment to using artificial intelligence technology, which is essential to protect society against any potential threats. Since taking up as President, Maharmeh has dedicated himself to prevent cybercrimes and to reduce the losses due to such crimes.

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