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Rabbi Moishy Goldstein has just launched Kosher.Chat, an AI chatbot with answers tailored to frum Jews and based on Halacha. This creation comes days after the bais din of Skver made a decision to ban the use of artificial intelligence due to their belief that “AI chatbots are tantamount to unfiltered internet and may answer questions ‘as a matter of fact’ in direct opposition to Torah’s views and values”. Rabbi Goldstein’s goal is to create a Jewish alternative to ChatGPT which he believes will not contradict Torah teachings.

Kosher.Chat functions similarly to other AI-powered chats, however the answers provided remain in line with Orthodox values. The knowledgebase for the chatbot was formed using the OpenAI model and also anything additional trained information based on users’ feedback. Rabbi Goldstein also ensures that users can ask questions about the Torah and get some decent answers, but overall his chatbot should not be used as a substitute for rabbinical council.

Rabbi Moishy Goldstein is leading the way in creating AI technology tailored to Jewish values. He brings years of knowledge in Jewish law to ensure his project will always remain within its core foundations while providing a valuable service to its users. His launch of Kosher.Chat shows how we’re capable of combining technology and respecting traditional values. With his help, we may be able to find a way to develop innovative technology while still maintaining what matters most.

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