Copycat ChatGPT Apps Invading App Store – Leading to Higher Costs for Users


ChatGPT is a unique Artificial Intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, a company focused on developing AI technology. The free app on the Apple App Store allows users to engage in natural conversations with an AI-powered chatbot, which can generate recipes based on the ingredients available, create summaries, notes, and outlines, and more.

However, recently, a slew of similar-looking AI chatbot apps have started popping up on the App Store that boast functions very similar to those of ChatGPT, including use of OpenAI’s flower-like circular logo on the apps’ icons. These AI chatbot apps are powered by either ChatGPT or GPT-4, as specified in their descriptions on the App Store.

Apple has an extensive team of app reviewers who vet apps for fraud, and a spokesperson for Apple has indicated that they are actively removing imposter and fraudulent apps. However, some of the AI chatbot apps are charging their users significantly higher prices than the original app, such as “Ask AI,” which charges an unlimited access fee for $7.99 a week or a one-time payment of $69.99.

OpenAI has made its API accessible, making it easy for developers to create their own products and monetizing them. One such app, called “Chat AI,” responded to inquiries from Bloomberg, claiming it has more than a million active monthly users and that it is distinctly different from ChatGPT due to its selectable AI roles and integration of camera functions and professional tools.

ChatGPT is currently available only in the United States, but OpenAI has announced plans to roll out the app globally. In the meantime, users should be aware of the app copies out there and use their discretion to determine which AI chatbot apps are safe and offer the best value for their money.

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