Copycat Apps for iPhone Following in the Footsteps of Official ChatGPT App


Recently, OpenAI released its ChatGPT app on the Apple App Store. Unfortunately, the original app was quickly overshadowed by copycat apps pretending to be affiliated with OpenAI. To make matters worse, many of these knockoff apps come coated with fees, while OpenAI’s app is completely free.

OpenAI is a research lab founded by the likes of entrepreneur Elon Musk and world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. OpenAI’s main goal is to develop advanced artificial intelligence for the betterment of society. The company offers various AI models and services, such as its ChatGPT app, free of charge. This app allows iOS users to communicate with an AI-based chatbot.

Within days of OpenAI’s release, the app store was flooded with rip-off apps claiming to be affiliated with OpenAI by using similar logos and brand names. Some of these knockoff apps require users to pay a steep fee to use their services. To make matters worse, many of these impostors moved to the top of the charts on the App Store.

OpenAI’s chatbot has made it known that it does not consider such copycats to be compatible with the company’s mission and values. However, the company is currently remaining silent about the issue. A spokesperson for the app “Chat AI” reported that their app differs from OpenAI’s in certain ways, such as selectable AI roles, camera integration, and tools for professionals.

If users believe that the presence of copycat apps is a hindrance to the original OpenAI app, they are encouraged to contact Apple’s support or feedback channels. Through this, OpenAI hopes to ensure that only the official app is easily discoverable on the App Store.

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