Coder Finds Apartment in Berlin after 2 Weeks with Help from ChatGPT After Struggling for Months


Daniel Dippold, the 28-year-old CEO and founder of venture capital firm EWOR, and his girlfriend had spent four months without luck looking for an apartment to rent in Berlin. The couple explored Germany’s leading housing platforms, such as Immo Scout24, immowelt, and Immonet, but couldn’t find a unit that fit their needs. After asking his network for help, there were still no good results. In a last-ditch effort, Dippold gave OpenAI’s ChatGPT a try in the hopes of finding an apartment.

A newcomer to ChatGPT, Dippold began using the chatbot and soon became inspired by its potential capabilities. He asked the AI for 20 ideas to help him secure an apartment that was different than looking at online platforms. The chatbot generated 20 responses, such as setting up automated alerts on real estate websites, leveraging machine-learning models to identify wealthy rental areas, and creating a database of all property managers in the area. Dippold was able to refine this idea and asked the GPT to generate code that would compile a database of property managers and their contact information.

With the help of the chatbot, he created an automated response system that filled his email inbox with 35 replies the same day. The couples chose to tour three units, based on size, price, and location, and are now deciding between two apartments that have accepted their applications.

Daniel Dippold ultimately achieved success after struggling for months, with a little help from ChatGPT. While the chatbot proved itself to be useful with generating ideas and building code, it has its own flaws. The AI only understands short prompts with limited context and is more proficient in English than in German. Additionally, some of the solutions provided by the GPT were not practical and Dippold had to use his own coding knowledge to troubleshoot issues.

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT is known for being able to assist people in various aspects of their lives such as planning vacations, sprucing up dating profiles, and even losing weight. It looks like it can also help the entrepreneurial tenant find the place of their dreams. EWOR is a venture capital firm founded by Dippold. It seeks to make investments in promising early stage start-ups and assists them in achieving their business goals.

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