Chinese President Xi Jinping Calls for Five Pillars of Bilateral Relations with the United States, China


Chinese President Xi Jinping Calls for Five Pillars of Bilateral Relations with the United States

Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged China and the United States to establish a new vision and work together to build five pillars for bilateral relations. During his meeting with US President Joe Biden in California, Xi emphasized the importance of developing a correct perception and creating a stable, healthy, and sustainable relationship between the two countries. He expressed China’s commitment to safeguarding its interests, upholding principles, and respecting red lines, while also hoping for mutual respect and peaceful coexistence.

Xi stressed the need for effective management of disagreements between China and the United States, emphasizing that they should not become insurmountable barriers. Instead, both sides should strive to build bridges and find ways to better understand each other’s principles and red lines. Xi urged China and the United States to engage in more communication, dialogues, consultations, and handle differences and accidents calmly.

Furthermore, Xi highlighted the importance of leading by example and stepping up coordination and cooperation on international and regional issues. He argued that both nations should provide more public goods to the world and contribute to global stability and development. Xi called for increased communication and cooperation in various areas, such as the economy, trade, agriculture, climate change, and artificial intelligence.

Xi also emphasized the joint responsibility of China and the United States as major countries in addressing global challenges. He emphasized the necessity of cooperation between major nations to solve the problems facing human society. Xi called for greater coordination and cooperation in international and regional issues to provide more public goods globally.

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Moreover, Xi called for promoting people-to-people exchanges between China and the United States. He proposed increasing flights, advancing tourism cooperation, expanding subnational exchanges, strengthening educational cooperation, and reducing negative factors that hinder people-to-people exchanges. Xi expressed his desire for greater interaction and communication between the people of both countries to strengthen the foundation for the healthy development of China-US relations.

In conclusion, President Xi Jinping has outlined the importance of establishing five pillars for bilateral relations between China and the United States. These pillars include developing a right perception, managing disagreements effectively, leading by example, advancing mutually beneficial cooperation, and promoting people-to-people exchanges. By adhering to these principles, Xi hopes to build a stable and sustainable relationship between the two nations that contributes to global peace and development.

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