China and US Strained Relationship: Finding Common Ground for Global Stability


China and US Strained Relationship: Finding Common Ground for Global Stability

Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden recently held a crucial summit to address the increasingly strained relationship between the two superpowers. This meeting comes at a time when the US-China relationship is facing deep-rooted conflicts in areas such as philosophy, geopolitics, trade, and more. Both leaders acknowledged the need to find common ground and prevent a further deterioration of this already fragile dynamic.

President Xi emphasized that it is unrealistic to expect the countries to remodel each other, highlighting the importance of reconnecting despite their differences. Turning their backs on each other is not an option, particularly considering the potential consequences. One positive outcome of the summit was the restoration of military-to-military communication, which was previously cut off by China. This restoration is crucial to avoid accidental conflicts that could escalate into calamities.

Another significant development was China’s agreement to help end the shipment of components involved in the production of fentanyl, a dangerous drug contributing to the loss of thousands of American lives each year. President Biden appreciated Xi’s commitment to addressing this issue and recognized the potential life-saving impact of such cooperation. The two countries also made progress on establishing working groups to tackle challenges related to artificial intelligence and climate change.

While these outcomes bring some hope, there remain several unresolved and equally important issues. President Biden highlighted China’s responsibility and influence in persuading Iran to prevent the Israel-Hamas conflict from escalating into a regional conflagration. The topic of Taiwan was also addressed, but profound differences persist, particularly regarding Biden’s strong focus on defending democracies in the face of rising authoritarianism worldwide. China’s complicity in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its failure to effectively rein in North Korea further destabilizes the Pacific region and the world.

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The summit took place within the context of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference, providing an opportunity to address economic cooperation as China grapples with a significant economic slowdown. For Minnesota, this relationship has proven beneficial, as China ranks as the state’s third-largest export market. A stable bilateral relationship is crucial for the growth and efficiency of Minnesota’s manufacturing sector, with many businesses having a China strategy for market and supply chain opportunities.

The agricultural sector in Minnesota has also benefitted from China’s position as a major importer. China is expected to account for over 60% of global soybean imports this year, and Minnesota is the third-largest soybean-producing state. In-state processing combined with exports plays a critical role in meeting China’s demand.

It is clear that the US-China relationship is of paramount importance on the global stage. The tensions and conflicts between these two superpowers have far-reaching implications for countries around the world. While it is important to address China’s human rights record, regional aggression, and support for repressive regimes, constructive dialogue is necessary to ensure a stable and peaceful coexistence.

It is vital to strike a balance between confronting China’s perils and finding common ground to promote global stability. This recent summit, while limited in scope, marks a step in the right direction. The planet must be big enough for both the United States and China, and diplomatic efforts are essential to turn tension into productive engagement.

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