ChatGPT Rumored to Launch Search Engine Sparks Worldcoin Surge


Worldcoin Price Rises on May 9 New ChatGPT Rumors and Traders Focus on AI Meme Coin for Gains

Worldcoin’s price has surged by 37% in the last week, reaching $6.17, following rumors of ChatGPT launching a search engine. This speculation has been fueled by the emergence of a new domain, AI influencer Pete Huang hinted that the launch could happen on May 9, just before Google’s upcoming conference.

Despite hitting an all-time high of $11.74 in March, Worldcoin’s current price is around 52.7% of that peak. However, the token has found solid support above $4. While there has been some profit-taking with an RSI of 53, buying momentum is expected to remain strong in the coming days.

In contrast, Bitcoin saw a modest 4% increase, trading at $64,140.14. Worldcoin’s unique biometric verification model has drawn mixed reactions since its launch, requiring users to scan their eyeballs at designated locations to receive coins. This approach aims to bank the unbanked and promote technological prosperity with a focus on privacy.

Critics like Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin have raised concerns about Worldcoin’s privacy, accessibility, and centralization. Despite skepticism, the project has seen significant interest, with over 16,000 eyeball scans in a single day and a growing user base.

As Worldcoin faces scrutiny, other projects like the innovative WienerAI are gaining attention. WienerAI, a new meme token and AI trading partner, offers unique features like AI-enhanced trading advice and zero fees. With a successful presale raising $1.2 million, WienerAI aims to revolutionize AI/crypto integration while providing attractive staking opportunities.

Overall, Worldcoin’s latest surge and the emergence of projects like WienerAI highlight the growing intersection between AI and cryptocurrency. As the market evolves, investors and regulators will closely monitor these developments to assess their impact on the industry’s future.

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