ChatGPT: Enhancing Responses to Outsmart Google AI


When Google announced the improvement of its artificial intelligence, Bard, a few days ago, it stirred up the world of ChatGPT. OpenAI activated an Internet-connected mode in the paid version of ChatGPT to stop Google’s move. This new mode allows users to answer questions by accessing data from the network and eliminates the limitation of 2021 that was setting the questions.

Though not yet mature, one advantage that Bard currently has over ChatGPT is that it is free to use, while ChatGPT costs around 22 euros for the Web Browsing mode. This cost difference could influence people’s decisions in the coming months, and OpenAI may have to demonstrate that its AI offers something special to justify the cost.

The main issues with ChatGPT that still linger are the frequent crashes and slow searches. For now, connected mode of ChatGPT has certain improvements. One big plus point is the balance created between offering information from an Anglo-Saxon background while also providing information about Spain and other countries.

Users may find interesting when using the Web Browsing mode of ChatGPT is that the AI often searches the web in English even when the question is asked in Spanish, and it translates the results afterwards. While this shows its potential to search in real-time, the slowness of response can be frustrating.

Finally, a concerning element of ChatGPT is that it can provide unreliable information from sources which are not necessarily reliable. This question of reliability and accuracy is an important issue, especially when financial matters are discussed, as in the example asking about Apple’s stock. In this case, ChatGPT’s answer was based on a single story from the American edition of Forbes. However, a similar question asked to Bard did not offer more reliable information and it was not clear from where its information came from. From this, it is evident that both AIs confront the same uncertainty of output.

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OpenAI, the developers of ChatGPT, have made several improvements in the past few months to create a more integrated application that connects a user to the Internet. Even so, it will have to up its game in order to keep pace with Bard and give users more assurance of reliable and accurate information. The question of cost is a key factor, although OpenAI may have to enhance its service even further to justify its price tag.

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