ChatGPT: Changing the Way Students Learn at Coaching Institutes


The emergence of AI technology is revolutionizing the education sector, and India’s coaching industry is at the center of this upheaval. Coaching institutes offer several services, like simplifying and teaching content, conducting tests and assessments, and providing personalized feedback to students. But now they face disruption from AI models like ChatGPT, which offer quicker, simpler, and more in-depth solutions to educate students.

ChatGPT enable a student to obtain a summary of several hour-long lectures within seconds, or even turn a dense article into exam-specific bullet points. AI tools can also generate limitless questions mimicking most standardised exams, and they become more convincing with the vast and ever-expanding database of publicly available questions.

The rise of such AI models undercuts the stability of India’s coaching industry, as AI-based summaries, quizzes, and tests are now widely available. Even the evaluation of subjective answers is breaching the boundaries of exclusively-human intelligence. Platforms such as Unacademy, Byjus, and Khan Academy have been working on various AI tools, such as teaching assistant Khanmigo.

It is clear that the ubiquity of AI in education and coaching in the future is a given, and it will be an important indicator for the importance of the human element in learning. AI technology will be a revolutionary development for the coaching industry and a great boon for students seeking to expand their education further.

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