ChatGPT and AI Leading the Way in Top Tech Discussions


This week’s tech conversations were dominated by AI and ChatGPT, a cloud-based customer service automation platform that supports conversational AI and NLP. Their goal is to provide solutions that can accurately and quickly scale customer interactions in any industry. Companies such as Oddity Labs, Neuroelectrics and Riverlane are exploring the impact of AI, as Linda Henry, Chief Executive of Boston Globe Media, convened a panel discussion on startups and AI’s involvement.

Michelle Lampa, Senior Manager at Riverlane, shared her thoughts on the panel in a LinkedIn post, expressing the progress of AI and the need for better hardware. She points out there are quantum properties waiting to be explored and utilized, as AI continues to shape the future. In support of this, Globe columnist Shirley Leung hosted a panel to discuss the development of an equitable future with AI.

AI has become one of the most important topics on the agenda of organizations, as it is impacting numerous business sectors. A recent study by UCLA and USC researchers analyzed 19,265 different tasks, attempting to figure out which tasks could be automated by ChatGPT. These tasks spanned a variety of roles, including mathematicians, writers and computer programmers, up to hands-on positions, such as watch repairers, shampooers and stonemasons.

However, the study pointed out that while certain occupations will remained unaffected, some harder to replace jobs may become more vulnerable to substitution by software and computers. It also warned how this wave of tech changes could lead to a shift in wages and inequalities across various demographics.

Aside from these positive developments in AI and ChatGPT, the dark side of artificial intelligence made headlines this week. A hoax video of an explosion at the Pentagon generated by AI was spreading through a Twitter account masquerading as Bloomberg News. The prominent blue checkmark was bought through Elon Musk’s revised verification policy, making the post all the more credible.

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This unfortunate incident shows us the potential effects of new technologies and the challenges of regulating them as AI advances in the future.

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