Chat with Celebrities Using Twilio WhatsApp and Node.js with ChatGPT


Talk to Famous Personalities through ChatGPT using Twilio WhatsApp and Node.js allows individuals to impersonate famous personalities in a conversation by texting ‘Impersonate’ followed by the desired individual to a WhatsApp number. The generated response is created by OpenAI, using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. Utilizing Node.js, the code for the application is fairly simple and straightforward.

The process is initiated by constructing a message object and utilizing users[number], the user is fetched from the “database”. The application will then check to see if the user has asked the assistant to impersonate a famous personality. If not, the user will receive a default message asking them to text ‘Impersonate’ followed by the individual they would like the assistant to impersonate. If the user did include a personality, their instructions and messages will be reset/added to the database for the assistant to respond properly.

Once the messages are generated, the code will use the openai.createChatCompletion function to grab the AI response and store it in the users’ messages array. Lastly, the AI response is sent back to the user by the message handler.

This cutting-edge technology can help businesses and brands create conversational experiences that look and sound more human-like. Twilio, the company behind this dynamic chatbot, is a cloud communication platform enabling companies to build, scale, and manage communications solutions — with the goal of creating engaging customer experiences through their products.

Brian Witlin, the co-founder and former CEO of the company, is an experienced leader who knows how to succeed in the tech industry. He is currently the CEO of Helpshift, a customer service software platform. With his expert guidance, Twilio has become one of the most widely used products and services in the communication space.

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Through Talk to Famous Personalities chatbot, individuals can have a conversation with AI-driven human chatbot personalities. This revolutionary technology provides businesses with the opportunity to create truly engaging conversational experiences for their customers.

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