Biden and Xi Set to Reestablish Military Ties in Key Meeting, US


Biden and Xi Jinping are scheduled to meet in person for the first time in a year during the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in San Francisco. This important meeting presents an opportunity for the two leaders to reestablish military ties and strengthen communication channels between the United States and China.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan emphasized the significance of restoring military-to-military ties, citing the importance of avoiding misunderstandings or miscommunication that could lead to mistakes or miscalculations. Sullivan highlighted that the restoration of military ties would encompass various levels, from senior leadership to tactical operations, both at sea and in the air within the Indo-Pacific region.

While details regarding the reestablishment of military ties remain undisclosed, Sullivan mentioned that President Biden seeks to advance the ball on this matter during his conversation with Xi Jinping. The Chinese government had previously severed communication links, but Biden is eager to rebuild these connections, making it a top agenda item for the meeting.

Moreover, the Biden-Xi meeting is expected to cover a wide range of global issues. These include discussions on the Israel-Hamas conflict, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, North Korea’s relations with Russia, Taiwan, the Indo-Pacific region, human rights concerns, fentanyl production, artificial intelligence, and ensuring fair trade and economic relations. The extensive list of topics reflects the significance and complexity of the U.S.-China relationship and the multitude of challenges on the global stage.

Relations between the two countries have faced challenges, particularly following the shooting down of a suspected Chinese spy balloon by the Biden administration. However, efforts have been made to rebuild communication and trust, with senior U.S. officials visiting Beijing and meeting with their Chinese counterparts.

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In conclusion, the upcoming meeting between President Biden and President Xi Jinping holds great importance for reestablishing military ties and enhancing communication channels between the United States and China. The extensive agenda, covering various global issues, signals the complexity of the relationship between the two countries. With optimistic efforts to rebuild trust and address key areas of concern, this meeting has the potential to pave the way for future cooperation and understanding between the United States and China.

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