Ash’s Real-Life Pokedex Comes to Life: This Amazing Fan Project Identifies Pokemon ‘in the Wild’


A YouTuber named Abe has created a real version of the Pokedex from the popular Pokemon cartoon. The Pokedex is a handheld computer used by the show’s protagonist to identify and catalog Pokemon creatures. Abe’s version of the Pokedex is able to identify Pokemon based on visuals alone, using a camera, screen, speaker, and navigation buttons. He designed the gadget himself and 3D printed the iconic gen 1 Pokedex model.

To make the gadget work, Abe had to use a combination of custom code and web services. He used ChatGPT to identify visuals and connect them to specific Pokemon, the open-source PokeAPI to provide pixelated visuals and flavor text, PlayHT to simulate the Pokedex voice, and Firebase to bring it all together. The result is a seamless experience where Abe can point the Pokedex at a Pokemon toy or image and have it correctly identify and display the creature on the screen, accompanied by a spoken description.

While the final version of the Pokedex isn’t perfect, it works as intended for the most part. It’s not a commercial product, so there are some rough edges, but the overall effect is impressive. Abe’s project showcases his dedication and ingenuity in creating a functional Pokedex toy from scratch. It’s clear that there is a market for a real version of this Pokedex, but it would require overcoming challenges such as reliance on third-party software and securing permissions from The Pokemon Company.

In conclusion, Abe’s real version of the Pokedex is a labor of love that brings the fictional gadget to life. With its ability to identify and display Pokemon based on visuals alone, it captures the imagination of fans who grew up watching the Pokemon cartoon. While a commercial version may not be on the horizon due to various challenges, Abe’s project proves that with the right combination of hardware and software, even the wildest childhood dreams can become a reality.

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