AI Powered Training for Deskless Workers: A Look at Opus’ $6.8 Million Pitch Deck


Opus, a New York-based startup, has recently raised $6.8 million in Series A funding from Stage 2 Capital. The startup uses AI to improve employee onboarding for deskless workers, such as those in the hospitality, construction, and retail sectors. Their platform speeds up the process of building content for teams by highlighting key information and auto-translating into hundreds of languages.

The round was led by Stage 2 Capital, a venture capital firm specializing in B2B software. Additionally, Gutter Capital, NextView Ventures, and Bling Capital also participated. This brings their total funding to just under $9 million. With this cash injection, Opus plans to expand its engineering and go-to-market teams.

Rachael Nemeth, CEO and cofounder, emphasizes the accessibility of Opus and how it can help make deskless workers’ jobs more efficient. “The US has so many deskless workers, and there is no technology that helps them do their job better,” she said. “It’s indicative of how inaccessible these learning management systems are.”

Nemeth found that tapping into the training sector would be more beneficial. “By using AI, our content builder helps you build it faster than legacy solutions, so it decreases manager admin time, lowering their frontline labor costs,” she added.

With 19-slide pitch decks, Opus managed to raise $6.8 million from investors for their AI-powered platform. As their platform continues to gain recognition, its capacity to improve the workforce increases as more deskless workers can benefit from its features.

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