AI Misuse Outpaces Detection Methods


AI Technology Misuse Outpaces Commonplace Checks
Sadly, in today’s age of advanced AI technology, traditional safety measures are no longer able to keep up with the rate of deception that is experienced. A once foolproof method to protect against telecom fraud known as setting up a call or video call with people who requested loans through WeChat was broke down by the efficiency of AI. This was experienced in a recent case in Fuzhou, Fujian Province where a legal person surnamed Guo not only had 4.3 million yuan (US$610,000) stolen from him in 10 minutes, but he was his was also deceived by an AI synthesized image and voice.

AI technology is not only used in fraudulence but in a plethora of other areas such as deepfakes, fabricating pornographic images by grafting someone’s face on another’s body as well as more sinister creations such as using the technology to bypass facial recognition for unscrupulous payments. This is why the national regulations on abstaining deep synthesis service providers was set in place in order to maintain a semblance of order.

This highlights the urgent need to stay ahead of the curve and remain vigilant in order to guard against the potential misuse these technologies can bring. Companies and people should not only strive to be technologically savvy, but to also become aware of the various crimes that can occur with the use of technology. It is also important to understand the theoretical limits and possibilities of AI technology, as well as the importance of obtaining consent from those providing images for the technology to be used for any purpose. Furthermore, experts are advocating for precaution and suggest to leave the technology off until it is fully understood in order to mitigate the risk of abuse.

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