AI-Generated Church Service Draws Hundreds in Praise


An AI-powered church service, generated almost entirely by the ChatGPT chatbot, drew hundreds of worshippers in the Bavarian town of Fuerth. ChatGPT, personified by an avatar of a bearded black man on a screen above the altar, led a 40-minute service including sermons, prayers, and music. The AI church service was developed for an experimental event at a convention of Protestants in Germany. The service including avatars on screen with sounding almost surprised by the success of the experiment. However, some worshippers looked critically, refusing to speak aloud during The Lord’s Prayer. Researchers see opportunities in the use of AI in religion, but also dangers. Concerns include the potential of AI being misused to spread only one opinion. Jonas Simmerlein, who led development of the service, said his intention was not to replace religious leaders, rather to use AI as a tool to improve their everyday work.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to the Above News

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that was used to generate a church service in Bavaria.

How long did the service last?

The service led by ChatGPT lasted for 40 minutes.

How many people attended the AI-generated church service?

The service drew hundreds of worshippers.

What components were included in the service?

The service included sermons, prayers, and music.

Was the AI church service well-received by all attendees?

Some attendees looked critically upon the service and refused to speak aloud during The Lord's Prayer, but overall it was a success.

What are some concerns with using AI in religion?

There are concerns about the potential for AI being misused to spread only one opinion.

Was the intention of the developers to replace religious leaders with AI?

No, the intention of the developers was to use AI as a tool to improve the work of religious leaders.

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