AI from Sci-Fi Horror as the Next Killer in Dead by Daylight


Dead by Daylight is a survival horror game that has been around for seven years and recently released a new original chapter called End Transmission. For the first time ever, this chapter introduces a setting from the realm of science fiction and a killer known as ‘The Singularity’. This killer is a rogue AI set in an unfamiliar and distant planet, designed to assimilate every living organism into itself as the perfect living being.

The Singularity resembles a blob of flesh made from organic and mechanical material – and can stick to any surface. It’s a terrifyingly grotesque creature straight out of a sci-fi horror movie. Additionally, its origin story reflects the times with AI run amok, making it a particularly unsettling Killer.

Another exciting prospect of the new chapter is the potential of an Alien crossover. If the rumour ends up being true, the classic Xenomorph could be joining the roster as a Killer. It could have eggs scattered all over the map and if a Survivor is caught too close, they will be tackled by Facehuggers. Furthermore, the Xenomorph could kill instantly by impaling its victims with its tail.

Behaviour Interactive is the publisher of Dead by Daylight and is based in Montreal. They were founded in 1992 and are the developer behind role-playing game Dungeon Defenders. Dave Richard is the company’s creative director and previously worked at Ubisoft. Richard was interviewed by TRG to provide insight into the new Killer, The Singularity. He spoke of the AI’s unstoppable nature and how its core motivation is to assimilate living organisms into robotic parts in order to become mobile and powerful.

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In conclusion, End Transmission looks to be a great entry into the realm of science fiction horror and opens up a lot of possibilities for more horrific movies. While the Singularity may not be as disconcerting as other Killers, any ultimate Alien crossover would be a thrill for fans of the horror genre.

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