AI Could Possibly Outsmart Experts in Ten Years: OpenAI CEO Predicts


AI is quickly transforming our world and becoming increasingly powerful at a rapid rate. In a blog post on Monday, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman predicted that in as little as 10 years, the “expert skill level” might already be surpassed by artificial intelligence. This prediction comes just days after Altman cautioned a Senate committee about the potential risks of AI.

OpenAI, founded by Altman and two other executives, Ilya Sutskever and Greg Brockman, is a research laboratory that focuses on building safe artificial general intelligence. In the blog post, Altman explains that the potential of superintelligence, as well as the dangers, are very real. Given the prospect of existential risk, Altman argues that we must be more proactive in regulating AI technology. He notes that it could be useful to emulate the successful systems adopted by the nuclear industry, such as the International Atomic Energy Agency. This, combined with a commission proposed by some lawmakers, could go a long way in regulating AI and preventing a potential disaster.

Altman concludes that although it is impossible to stop the emergence of superintelligence, we must mitigate the risks of current AI technology. That way, we can ensure that AI is a force for good, rather than a detriment to humanity. OpenAI is dedicated to researching and developing these cutting-edge tools in a safe and responsible manner. With the insights and expertise of Sam Altman and his team, the possibilities for AI remain limitless.

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