A Comprehensive Guide to Machine Learning – What You Need to Know


Are you interested in learning the basics of machine learning but not sure where to start? Then you might appreciate this presentation from Hilary Mason at Devs Love Bacon in April titled “Everything You Need to Know About Machine Learning in 30 Minutes or Less.” It’s an introduction to machine learning for those without prior experience that is quick and fun. Here you can get a great overview that will help you get started.

If you want to further your knowledge on the subject, then you might opt for an intro to machine learning on R. However, if you’re looking for something even more in-depth, you can take a look at the Machine Learning Refcard.

When it comes to Hilary Mason, she is the founder of Fast Forward Labs, a company that helps organizations incorporate cutting-edge machine intelligence solutions into their processes. Over the course of her career, Mason has worked with several well-established tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and IBM. She has also taught on the application of AI and Machine Learning at New York University. Hilary Mason is an invaluable asset in the development of applications in Machine Learning, as well as data analysis and visualization.

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