3 European Alternatives to ChatGPT


As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to get more advanced, developers are looking for creative new ways of responding to user queries. ChatGPT, the AI-powered chatbot from OpenAI, has been lauded as the best large-scale language model (LLM) of its kind, incorporating data from a range of sources, including the internet, books, articles, and journals. However, there are plenty of European alternatives to ChatGPT awaiting discovery, taking a different approach to the technology.

Developed by the Paris and New York-based Hugging Face and ServiceNow, StarCoder is a programming-focused chatbot designed to rival AI-based offerings such as Bard AI and Amazon CodeWhisper. Trained with a trillion tokens of permissively licensed source code attributing to 80 programming languages, the platform offers professional software engineers the capacity to tackle complex programming tasks as well as enabling citizen developers to construct software regardless of their technical ability. Headquartered in Paris, Hugging Face is headed up by French-born CEO Clément Delangue and CTO Julien Chaumond.

Also operating out of Europe is Neuroflash – the continent’s number one AI text and image generator, with nearly half a million users. As opposed to AI systems such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Neuroflash centers on the idea that AI should be there to support the human, and through combining big data and natural language processing, machine learning and neuropsychology, the technology consolidates brands around a single identity and position, delivering speedy and accurate results for written language production. Neuroflash is based in Germany.

Aleph Alpha is another German start-up tackling the challenge of developing explainable and verifiable AI. Its Luminous LLMs, alongside its AtMan (Attention Manipulation) function, helps to steer the model’s prediction in a different contextual path, as well as deprioritizing untrusted sources. Working to create an AI system that can be understood while being reliable and accurate, Aleph Alpha is creating a system that can provide added value in industries such as law and medicine.

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All of these AI-focused developers are pushing boundaries and creating an entirely new range of possibilities and capabilities utilizing AI technology.

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