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As reported, ChatGPT founder Sam Altman from OpenAI is currently negotiating for a nine-figure round of fundraising. The money would be for his global digital currency, Worldcoin. Notably, this currency will employ iris scanning technology, enabling it to recognize humans and bots separately. For every valid user, the company will provide a digital World ID as well as free Worldcoin tokens without exposing any identity. In the last token sale, the total value of tokens was estimated at a whopping $3 billion. The team is in the last six weeks of testing and is ready to roll out the currency transaction.

Our freedom can come at a cost, but who knows if Worldcoin can make it worth it. But what’s certain is that this initiative is both ambitious and creepy. On the other hand, Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency, has hit $27,000 again. But this time, it didn’t have enough stamina to further the gains.

Talking about the firms mentioned in the article, ChatGPT, is a subsidiary of OpenAI, a leading research firm that focuses on Artificial Intelligence. It aims to build advanced AI technology that can analyze massive amounts of text data. OpenAI is founded by a tech titan Sam Altman, who is known for visions that go beyond what is technically achievable.

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On Point Strategic Systems is another firm that plays a role in the article. It teamed up with OpenAI to create Worldcoin. It is a technology space dedicated to providing innovative solutions to safeguard online user’s security, privacy as well as their anonymity.

In summary, OpenAI headed by Sam Altman is negotiating a $100 million round of funding for his cryptocurrency named Worldcoin. Iris scanning technology will be used to verify users and in return, the users will get free Worldcoins tokens. While Bitcoin had good times for a while, it eventually showed signs of weariness. OpenAI is focused on creating advanced AI technology while On Point provides innovative solutions that focus on online user’s security, privacy, and anonymity.

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